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Defy Medesesthetics & Salon 

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Welcome to Defy Medesthetics & Salon 

We believe that aging doesn't have to define you.

You can Defy Age, Gracefully


At the Defy Medesthetics & Salon, we invite you to not allow your age to define you. Defy it!

Radiant, glowing skin and beautiful, healthy hair is no longer a luxury, but your new everyday reality. We offer Salon services with diverse, color, and conditioning options, innovative, age-reversing skin treatments that rejuvenate your complexion, replenishing collagen and elastin, restoring youthfulness and confidence, so you love the skin you are in!


Featured Medspa Treatments 


Filler is a great way to add volume to Cheeks, Lines around Mouth, Lips and Under Eyes


Smooth out forehead lines, angry '11' lines between your eyes,

crows feet around eyes & lip lines 

Defy Med

Meet Our Team 


 We have a passionate team, who are qualified & highly trained to ensure every aspect of your service is exceptional. We take pride in guiding you on a journey of self care, for the treatments & products that are best suited for your hair & skin


Julianne McGinness

Master Esthetician, CMA

Pink Gradient

Yvonne Mayorquin

Aesthetic RN, Injector


Katelyn Myer

Master Esthetician 

Pink Gradient

Lexi LeCroy

Master Esthetician

Pink Gradient

Tracey Jackson

Senior Stylist

Pink Gradient

Carla Kimbrough

Senior Stylist


Ana Henriques

Senior Stylist

Pink Gradient

Becky Hall

Senior Stylist

Pink Gradient

Debi Towle Stuart

Senior Stylist

Pink Gradient

Junior-Creative, Stylist

Pink Gradient

Kaila Welch

Junior Creative Stylist

Pink Gradient

Coming Soon

Creative Stylist 

Pink Gradient

Bailee Miller

Client Coordinator,

Pink Gradient

Ashlee Langana

Client Coordinator-Asst. Manager

Pink Gradient

Dr. Sagar Verma

PDO Threads, PRP, Injectables

Pink Gradient

Dr. Duyen Faria

Medical Director

A Little Client Love!

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Salon  540-972-8810  Medspa 540-755-2242

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