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Defy Medesthetics

At the Defy Medesthetics, we invite you to not allow your age to define you, Defy it 

Radiant, glowing skin is no longer a luxury, but your new everyday reality. We offer diverse, innovative, age-reversing treatments to rejuvenate your complexion and replenish collagen and elastin, restoring youthfulness and confidence, so you love the skin you are in!

Botox, filler, skincare



Aesthetic Services

Get YOUR Lift Without Surgery

We are a Distributer, Trainers & only Certified Plasma-Skincare Clinic in Virginia!

Your Body can make you sexy,

Your smile can make you pretty,

But it IS your soul that makes you BEATIFUL!

Why not have it ALL!

Botox, filler, skincare

Perfect Peels

Next time you think of beautiful things,

don't forget to count yourself in!

Get Ready for

your closeup!

get social, Botox, filler, skincare
appointment, Botox, filler, skincare



If you are looking to take years off your appearance, get ready for a special occasion or just feel good in the skin you are in...we look forward to hearing from you! 

Botox, filler, skincare
Botox, filler, skincare