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Laser Services

Hair Removal
An innovative laser technology has brought the end to an era of cumbersome and painful hair removal techniques such as waxing, plucking, shaving and electrolysis. These costly, archaic techniques are only temporary and do not provide the permanently smooth, kissable skin produced by laser therapy.

Benefits of laser hair removal at a glance:

  • Easy, painless and fast-acting

  • Permanently removes the hair

  • Appropriate for all skin types and tones

  • Rids the body of both regular and ingrown hairs

  • Okay for sensitive skin

  • Sessions typically span minutes to an one hour

  • Ideal for all areas of the face and body, except around the eyes

  • Perfect for both men and women

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • Does not damage surrounding skin or tissue

About Laser Hair Removal

At Defy, we have a Yag, Alexandrite and Diode laser for hair removal. We use a zimmer chiller to help cool the skin, along with the use of a dynamic-cooled tips which helps to counteract any discomfort.  

Our versatile handpiece has a variety of settings and can be applied to almost any area of the body. It is also appropriate for all pigmentations, and for those who are suntanned. The aesthetician applies temperature-controlled micro pulses of laser energy which pierce the hair follicles at their roots, disrupting the active growth phase of the hair.

The laser handpiece is continuously in contact with our computer systems, ensuring safe levels of heat at all times.

Understanding hair growth phases

Each hair comes from a follicle which is the hair’s root. The root is nourished by blood vessels and capillaries. Every 23 to 72 hours, cells at the hair’s root divide. This is faster than almost any other cell in the human body. In other words, if you simply cut, shave or tweeze the hair above the follicle, it will quickly regenerate.

Hair passes through four phases: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen. Hairs are continuously passing through each of these stages, but not altogether, which is why our Defy laser hair removal can only target that small proportion of hair that is within the anagen, or growing phase. So it is important to get on the schedule recommended by your laser technician. The other phases are known as the regression phase, shedding phase and resting phase, and none of these can be treated with the laser hair removal process, until they enter anlagen phase.

Recovering from laser hair removal
Discomfort and follicular swelling is minimal-typically resolving within a few minutes to hours. Some clients may experience follicular swelling, redness or flushing at the laser sites. These side effects will fade within a day or two and should not be considered serious. There is nothing preventing you from returning to work and normal activities directly after laser hair removal treatment. We do recommend that you wear a broad spectrum SPF on any exposed areas treated. On rare occasion a client may experience a allergic reaction. The use of hydracortisone or Benadryl will usually resolve any rash or irritaion. 

Why choose Defy Medesthetics for laser hair removal?

While certain clients may be tempted to undergo laser hair removal at the hands of unlicensed technicians at a day spa or other beauty establishment, there is real benefit in choosing vetted, experienced practitioners for this delicate hair removal process. For one thing, if there are any complications or side effects, our medical director is available, ready and able to address them. You can trust that Defy Medesthetics will give you a hair removal treatment you will love.

Unlike some other local laser centers, we do not show someone how to turn on a machine and allow them to perform services on a client. With 18 years experience, our service providers are trained extensively to provide safe and effective treatments.

How do I move forward?

Setting up your initial consultation with a practitioner at Defy Medesthetics for hair removal is easy. Simply request an appointment at our welcoming office and we will answer all your questions. During the session, the aesthetician will examine your excess hair, go over your medical history, and determine a personalized laser hair removal treatment plan specific to your needs and lifestyle.

Many times treatments can be performed the same day, so ask when scheduling if this is a possibility. 


Our  laser services are safe and proven effective for men and women of all ages who struggle with extra hair on their legs, chest, arms, shoulders, abdomen, bikini region, neck, nostrils, buttocks, sideburns or ears. Its automatic cooling system ensures that clients are completely comfortable and at ease throughout the entire hair removal process. All you feel is a mild heat & tingling sensation that lets you know the laser is doing its job.

Note that the laser energy can only destroy hair follicles undergoing the growth phase, so multiple treatments are required for comprehensive improvement. Most clients benefit from 4-8 sessions spaced at least six weeks apart. Over time, silky, stubble-free skin is achieved and maintained long term. 

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