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The Hydrafacial through its patented, vortex technology and incredibly powerful solutions,  exfoliates, hydrates, and treats the skin with a medical grade resurfacing treatment. Delivering an immediate result and glowing skin all without any downtime! This powerful facial allows us to remove dead skin, while decongesting impurities from the pores (think blackheads) infusing antioxidants and nourishing peptides.

There is no denying that your skin will look and feel amazing! 

We have options to treat many skin types and conditions with the addition of lymphatic drainage, stronger exfoliation tips and skin changing boosters! We can adjust this incredible treatment for any skin type and concern. This is a fabulous preparation to allow for  the perfect palette before getting injectables like, Botox, Dysport and fillers. 

40 min $189

This treatment is a great way to see a glow and is considered a ‘lunchtime’ facial favorite.  This refresher will deeply cleanse and peel with a 7% Glysol, Exfoliation and extractions will clear congested skin and hydrate while infusing serums loaded with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

Lymphatic Drainage, Boosters and LED are not included in the Refresher  

60 min $269

The Hydrafacial Defy Age, includes all of the refresher and takes it up a notch to deliver a booster with LED light therapy-treating and calming the skin to leave a tight and invigorated feeling on the skin.

Cleanse, peel, extract, Hydrate, Booster Fusion, Protect & Calm

 The Hydrafacial Defy Age does not include Lymphatic drainage

60 min $269


All the benefits of our Defy Age, but tailored for skin that needs a bit more care. Extended extractions and serums loaded with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid will help to brighten, calm and protect the skin. The use of LED Blue Light Therapy will promote healthy, more clear skin, 

This Hydrafacial does not include Lymphatic drainage



75 min| $349


Dare to bare! The back is one of the most neglected and hard to reach areas. Let us treat you and get all the above for a clear, hydrated back

This Hydrafacial does not include Lymphatic drainage


70 min $299

If you want the most luxurious and results oriented Hydrafacial, this will make your skin shine like a diamond. Lymphatic drainage, will detoxify and increase oxygenation to the skin. The patented vortex tips will exfoliate and extract. Next, antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid and natural extracts will be applied to help nourish, heal and protect the skin. A customized booster will be chosen to treat your skins’ specific concerns infused with LED light therapy to further calm and leave you feeling relaxed

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