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OSEA Facials 


OSEA is a family skincare line from generations of love for the sea. The Matriarch of their family healed a leg injury by believing in the healing powers of the ocean. A century later, this inspired her granddaughter to create a line of natural and clean beauty products, borrowing from their belief that 'the ocean should be a part of everyone's life'. The ingredients are pure, the scents are invigorating,  the results are soothing naturally rejuvenating. 

Osea represents the core elements of wellness: Ocean, Sun, Earth & Atmosphere

 OSEA skincare delivers proven results without the harmful effects to our health or to the environment. Free of synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petrochemcials and sulfates, we are able to treat skin with innovative formulations of certified organic, bioavailable seaweed, infused with pure steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils, creating powerful anti-aging and the reduction of blemishes, eliminating the need for toxic ingredients entirely. 

OSEA Facials


Tides of Time Anti-aging 

60 min $160

A beneficial, customized experience that visibly brightens and helps to tone skin. Utilizing products chosen for your skin type. Ultrasonic extractions for a comfortable deep pore cleanse, oxygen transferred from marine-based plants into a serum applied is readily absorbed by the skin. This plant-based oxygen, combined with minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, all serve to help stimulate cell metabolism, speeding up your skin’s own ability to regenerate newer, more energized cells. A customized mask is applied, to help firm and feed your skin. Hyaluronic Sea Serum and Seabiotic® moisturizer will be massaged into the skin delivering 72 hours of deep hydration. The result is skin that is deeply hydrated, brightened and more toned

Facial Add ons

Facial add-on services:


Dermaplane    15 min $50

Microderm      15 min $50

Celluma LED   30 min $75

W/ Hyaluronic Serum $99

w/Growth Factor.        $199

For treatment of Acne, Anti-aging, Healing 

Sea of Life Calming

60 min $145

If your skin is sensitive, severely dehydrated or prone to redness or rosacea, this treatment will give nurture it with the extra micro-nutrients it needs. Specially chosen formulations to calm irritation, reduce redness and replenish lost nutrients, this gentle treatment boosts your skin’s own natural ability to protect itself against environmental triggers and free radical damage.

Clean Sea Clarifying

60 min $145

You don’t have to suffer from blemishes and irritation caused by harsh products. Replenish lost nutrients and balance your skin with a restored healthy PH with pure, organic, marine based ingredients Nothing is more effective for blemish-prone skin than sea minerals, micro nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that will remove impurities, replenish lost nutrients and help restore a healthy PH balance to your skin.

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