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Defy Anti Aging
60 min l $149 

Defy Signature Facial
60 min l $125

This facial is customized to address the individual needs and concerns of your skin. With the use of our Signature Defy Skin Solutions. Starting with a deep cleanse or Clean Organic we will wash away impurities, allowing your skin practitioner to assess which products will be best suited for your skin type and condition. An exfoliation with our gentle, enzymes or skin polish will be performed to reveal brighter, fresher skin. Ultrasonic deep pore,  purifying treatment and a soothing ultrasound-tightening treatment that allows, specialized, treatment serums to penetrate deeper into the skin, hydrating and treating any specific needs. A collagen, vitamin C or glycolic mask will be applied while a massaging application of moisturizer is performed on the neck and decollete. Finishing with an uplifting application of serums, hydrators and SPF leaving your face feeling tighter, brighter and invigorated.  

Facial add-on services:


 Dermaplane    15 min  $50

 Microderm      15 min  $50

Celluma LED   30 min  $75

w/ Hyaluronic Serum  $99 w/Growth Factor $199         

For treatment of Acne, Anti-aging, Healing 

Defy Refresh
30 min l $79

All the clean without the fluff! This 30 minute facial will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate leaving your skin feeling balanced. * This facial has concentrated extractions or ultrasound may be performed. Does not include a mask, or massage. 

Defy Anti Aging
60 min l $149

You will enjoy all of the Defy Signature facial, with the added benefit of our exclusive BHA/AHA Peel, Collagen Peptides Serum & Collagen Peptide Eye firming gel, and our soothing recovery mask. Your skin will appear more firm, feel tighter, smoother and glow for days! 

Defy Clear
60 min l $125

Signature Facial with emphasis on extractions, treating & calming adult breakouts. This facial combines Defy products that can help purify pores and decrease oil production, 

while increasing  hydration. 

Defy Teen
60 min l $99

This facial is an introduction for the preteen and teen. Proper skin care is discussed with an in depth analysis to determine the recommended products,  Helping to combat acne flareups due to hormonal changes, discourage picking and popping and how to handle break outs. Facials even between dermatologists visits can help improve self esteem during these crucial years. 

Dermaplane or Dermabrasion Facial
60 min l $169


These luxury facials are not just your average facial! This treatment is designed to provide a deep level of exfoliation and includes a double cleanse, an AHA/ BHA Skin prep solution, ultrasonic deep por-purifying treatment, your choice or dermaplane, or microdermabrasion, but also powerful, botanical enzymes and an antioxidant-rich, stem cell & peptide or brightening mask, moisturizers and SPF A treatment that will allow your skin to breath, will and leave your skin looking refreshed and youthful. Enjoy an effective, yet relaxing treatment that provides immediate results


*Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion,  is not recommended if you have inflammatory skin  conditions such as:

Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema or sunburn on the area to be treated 

Stand-alone treatments


Dermaplane                 30 min  $75

 Diamond Microderm   30 min  $75 

Celluma LED Therapy  30 min  $75

  w/ Hyaluronic Serum              $125

w/ Regenerative Growth Factor $199

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