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Chemical Peels


Defy Anti Aging Glycolic

30 min $85

Our Glycolic acid peel (33%) is an excellent universal exfoliator/peel for most skin types. Glycolic acid has been well studied and proven to reduce breakouts, minimize the signs of aging, and brighten the complexion. It is frequently performed in a series either weekly, bi-monthly or with every maintenance facial treatment.


✓ Dissolves pore-clogging debris
✓ Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Reduces the appearance of superficial scars
✓ Refines texture


All non-sensitive skin types. Targeted for sluggish, unevenly textured or acne prone skin.

Salicylic-Clear it-Cream Peel

30 min $75

This salicylic cream formulation helps clear up breakouts, exfoliate the skin, and aids in reducing the appearance of scars and pigmentation. May be performed as part of a weekly exfoliation treatment plan or included into acne maintenance facials. Agreeable for all grades of acne and skin types.


✓ Dissolves pore-clogging debris and bacteria
✓ Helps reduce acne lesions and inflammation
✓ Helps reduce the appearance of post-blemish hyperpigmentation
✓ Diminishes and helps reduce mild acne scarring


All skin types. Targeted for active acne or acne-prone skin. NOT FOR USE IF ALLERGIC TO ASPIRIN.

Defy Glow AHA-BHA Cream Peel

30 min $96

This is an ideal peel for sun damaged, thirsty, and parched skin. Blended with peptides, AHAs, and collagen, this peel restores a glow to the skin as it exfoliates and minimizes the signs of aging.



✓ Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Refines skin texture
✓ Increases hydration
✓ Improves elasticity

All skin types.


We recommend this gently, yet results oriented peel in aseries of 8 to 10 peels. Performed as often as weekly, will help strengthen, smooth, and improve the skin

Defy Gentle Enzymatic Cream Peel

30 min $65

A gentle exfoliating treatment for all skin types. Formulated with enzymes to help soften sebum and dissolve keratin build-up.


✓ Firms and tones
✓ Enhances glow
✓ Smooths texture

All skin types. Targeted for epidermal exfoliation cleansing and resurfacing.

Lactic Brightening 

30 min $85

This 25% lactic acid peel combined with sodium PCA, green tea, and willow herb extract smooths and brightens skin without causing dryness or dehydration.


✓ Exfoliates, smooths, and refines skin texture
✓ Gentle enough to perform as often as one time per week
✓ Helps reduce breakouts
✓ Aids in reducing the signs of photodamage

All skin types. Targeted for hyperpigmented, overly dry or dull skin.

A series of 8 to 10 peels, performed montlhy will deliver deep and lasting brightness and evenness while helping fade stubborn age spots and melasma


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