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About Us! 

We began as Rain Spa & Salon in December of 2006, we expanded to Rain Medspa in 2017, as the need for more advanced spa services were desired. After several years of performing  the services independently, we decided to combine them and create a way to encompass all our passions and energy into one business.

In 2021 Defy Medesthetics & Salon was born! Providing the same high quality products, inviting, warm atmosphere and skill level of exceptional providers our clients have come to know and love!  



To ensure Defy is a place where clients feel appreciated, and cared for. We strive to listen to our clients concerns,  ensuring we provide the services that best address their needs, delivering the best outcomes for their skincare and hair. We will never suggest a service that is not right for our clients. 

We believe that our passion and chosen products equate to our clients feeling happier and as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. 


Advanced Skincare, Body & Hair Care Services. 

We believe that aging doesn't have to define you,

you can Defy it gracefully!

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