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B-12 & MIC Injections

B12 for energy and improved wellness at Defy Locust Grove Virginia

Vitamin B12 Injections Help Boost Your Energy and Metabolism!

Experience a blast of energy and increase your metabolism with a Vitamin B12 shot. While it helps boost your energy and metabolism, it also helps reduce stress and detoxify while reducing fat and strengthening your immunity.

Increase your overall wellness and vitamin levels with a noticeable energy with a Vitamin B12 shot. 

What Is B-12?

It is a water-soluble vitamin that you must get from your diet, as your body does not make it. Large amounts of B-12 are found in such foods as fish and beef, with smaller amounts in dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and eggs.

Why Are B-12 Injections Important?

Although you may eat plenty of B-12-enriched food, your body may not absorb it or use it efficiently due to aging, alcohol intake, and pollutants from the environment, all of which can take a toll on your body and digestion.


Benefits of B-12 Injections

  • Increased energy

  • Improved metabolism

  • Enhanced physical endurance

  • Better vascular health

  • Elevated mood\​


Some symptoms of being B-12 Deficient?

Chronic fatigue, irregular sleep, mood swings, cognitive decline, are nerve issues all symptoms of B-12 deficiency.


How Long should you take  B-12 Injections?

Everyone is different, and what your body needs will be different from what works for someone else

Your body can't store vitamin B12, so a vitamin B12 injection can be repeated once a week, and it's important to have repeat injections to ensure your body is functioning at its optimum level and receiving the vitamin B12 it needs to remain focused and healthy Some practitioners might recommend B-12 shots up to two times per week for energy and fat metabolism, or in combination with a MIC (Lipo) injection.


Are there B-12 Injection side effects?

As with any injection, there may be slight bruising, redness, and soreness at the injection site.

​    mild diarrhea. swelling sensation in the body, temporary itching of the skin


Will Insurance Cover B-12 Injections?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover B12 injection. But we offer packages that make it easy to afford 





Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections

for Weight Loss

Losing those extra pounds is no easy task. A regular exercise plan and a healthy diet are the cornerstones of any weight loss program. But sometimes a supplemental treatment can support your hard work and give you an extra edge. Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injections, can supercharge your weight loss efforts,  a non-invasive treatment that may help your body burn fat more efficiently. 


What are MIC injections and how do they work?


Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection consists of a formula of lipotropics, compounds that help break down fat. The primary compounds in the formula–methionine, inositol, choline–work to metabolize fat cells and assist in the elimination of stored fat deposits in the liver and body. Methionine is an essential amino acid, inositol is involved in proper cell formation, and choline is a water-soluble nutrient that supports proper liver function. Together they may encourage fat reduction.

The Treatment 

Our medical professionals will inject the MIC directly into a muscle. The injections site can be the buttocks, thigh, hip or upper arm. A dose of energy-boosting B12 may also be given during the appointment to enhance the treatment. Like any shot, an MIC injection may cause some discomfort. However, any pain usually passes quickly and patients can usually resume their normal activities immediately after the injection.

Injections are typically given bi-weekly, over a period of about 3 months.

Side Effects of MIC Injections 

There are few known serious side effects with MIC shots. However, some patients may experience mild swelling and redness at the injection site, upset stomach, or light headedness. If you have allergies, you should advise your medical professional before receiving treatment. Shots should only be administered by a medical professional who is qualified to assess your candidacy for the treatment.

The Results

When injected regularly, the compound formula may enhance the body’s fat-burning capacity. Results are not immediate, but may be visible in a short period of time. Not everybody responds the same way to the treatment and individual results will vary. For optimal effects, it is important to continue to exercise and follow a healthy, low calorie diet. MIC injections cannot address serious weight issues or obesity. They are meant to be part of a sustainable weight management program.

Will Insurance Cover MIC Injections?

Sadly, just as with most preventative and alternative health options,

MIC injections are not covered by insurance

For weight loss options that are covered by insurance, please schedule a complimentary consult with our board certified physician, Dr Sagar Verma 

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